With the continuous evolution of digital fabrication technologies such as 3D printing, a new dimension has opened up for design and manufacturing. We are passionate on this frontier to push the boundaries and create unique customisable products for people.

Bhilight is about digital craftsmanship to create beauty.

We 'craft with technology'.

Bhilight envisions to provide mass-customisation to serve people's unique lifestyles/ contexts using technology optimally and sustainably.

Our process

By using digital fabrication techniques such as 3D printing, we are creating products differently. 3D printing is a process where a product is built layer-by-layer (thin layers of the order of microns).

Bhilight is one of the pioneers for 3D printed lighting in India.

  • Made from plant-based materials

    Our lampshades are made from plant-based bioplastic PLA. This is derived from renewable resources such as corn and sugarcane.

  • Optimal Use of resources

    Our products are designed in a way so as to consume optimum material during 3D printing with minimal wastage. It is also well-known that 3D printing uses way less energy than traditional manufacturing processes.

  • Digital Inventory

    We keep a digital inventory and make-on-demand. Therefore the environmental burden of physical storage and unnecessary distribution are nearly minimised.

  • No Tooling

    For industrial manufacturing one of the most material, time and labour-intensive stages of product development is tooling. 3D printing eliminates the need for tooling, thus saving on material and energy resources, development time and costs.

  • Distinct Aesthetics

    Our products have an aesthetic texture, form, look-and-feel that is distinctly different from other lighting products on the market. The quality of light that comes from these lampshades is unique. This is mainly because 3D printed texture of the shade made in bioplastic.

  • Easy to maintain.

    With simplicity and elegance in mind, we design clean forms. Our products are easy to clean and maintain.

  • Easy to customise

    With CAD (computer-aided design) our designs are flexible and adaptable to meet your custom needs wrt scale and colour. For completely custom requirements, we design from scratch wrt shape, scale and colour.

Hari Kara with EDIDA 2022 Trophy


Hari Kara is an industrial designer and digital fabrication enthusiast. Prior to Bhilight, Hari worked in design and leadership roles at organizations in Europe and India. He has been making designer lighting and lifestyle products under his label since 2012. At Bhilight, he works hands-on with design software and 3D printing. Hari is an alumnus of TU Delft, The Netherlands (M.S. in Industrial Design).

For Bhilight products, Hari won the 'Elle Deco International Design Award' EDIDA India 2022 in the 'Sustainable Achievement' Category.