Innovative Lighting, Crafted with Technology

Bhilight is an award-winning design company that is riding the 3D printing wave to create innovative lighting in India. We offer designer lighting that is modern, easy-to-customise and at the forefront of digital design and fabrication. With an innovative use of materials, processes (3D printing), and refined aesthetics, Bhilight is distinctly different from the main stream. Our eclectic, emotive and environment-friendly products are proudly designed and made in India.

For bespoke/ custom projects, we work from concept to completion!

For Bhilight products, Founder-Designer Hari Kara received one of the most coveted design awards

EDIDA India Award 2022

Elle Deco International Design Award 2022 (category: Sustainable Achievement)

  • Lampana


    Inspired by the lantana flower clusters found in nature, the 'Lampana' lighting collection... 

  • Floral


    Inspired by the forms and textures of flowers and petals! 

  • Eclectic


    A collection inspired by varied sources. 

  • Clover


    Organic and yet subtle, this collection draws inspiration from the clover leaf.